Łukasz Lamża


Łukasz Lamża
Science journalist and philosopher

Łukasz Lamża is a science journalist and philosopher from Kraków, currently at the Jagiellonian University. His professional interests span from cosmology and physics, to technology and its impact on society. Author of many books, host of a weekly YouTube review of scientific literature called "Czytamy naturę". He used to consider himself a science geek trapped inside a humanist, but now it's the other way around.



How to escape the bubble and reclaim your mind

We are increasingly often told that we live in social media bubbles: we constantly hear the same voices, we encounter the same opinions and we surround ourselves only with ideas that we already find palatable. There is a war going on, and at stake is no less than autonomy of our minds. I would like to present a certain radical ideological proposal. If it is correct - which I don't really know - then leaving our bubble will require us to rethink our systems of value. The reward, however, will be a life that is truly our own.