Janina Bąk
A statistician, blogger and book author
Mateusz Olejarka
Head of Web Security

His key responsibilities are web application penetration testing, threat modeling and source code review. Moreover, he works as a consultant, helping software development teams cope with application security related topics. He performed more than 70 application security trainings dedicated to software developers. Previously working as a software developer, building software for financial sector. He was a speaker both at international and Polish conferences and meetings dedicated to software development and IT security. Casual bug bounty hunter, listed in Hall of Fame companies like: Adobe, Algolia, GM, Jet, Netflix, Tesla, Twitter, Uber, Yahoo.

Paweł Brodziński
Leader, manager, coach, author & public speaker

Pawel Brodzinski is a leader, an organization designer, and a change agent, but most of all, he is a constantly experimenting practitioner who helps his teams to work better (and learn in the process). He leads Lunar Logic, a professional-services web-development company, where he practices what he preaches. This makes working with Lunar Logic an extraordinary experience as it is an organization with fully distributed autonomy and without managers. He shares his thoughts on broadly understood software project management on his blog. Pawel is passionate about building great teams, creating excellent organizational culture, and helping people to grow.

Aleksandra Pasich
Pilot and aerospace engineer

I am an aviation professional and a huge enthusiast. I graduated from Rzeszów University of Technology in the field of Aerospace Engineering. During my studies, I completed integrated flight training which allowed me to obtain a Commercial Pilot Licence. I was also engaged in many extra initiatives, including participation and winning 6 medals in SAE Aero Design – one of the World’s biggest competitions for engineering students. The main object of my interest and focus in the aviation industry is sustainability and fuel efficiency enhancement, as well as ensuring the highest level of safety of air operations. Currently, I work as a pilot for Europe’s biggest airline, as well as an aerospace engineer for an IT company which provides innovative solutions for the airlines in terms of aircraft performance monitoring and fuel efficiency. In my spare time, I am a football fan and enjoy reading a good book.

Tomasz Wykowski
Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Trainer

Tomasz Wykowski is an Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Trainer accredited by Scrum Alliance, and Certified LeSS Coach accredited by LeSS Company. Working with leaders of companies from startups to international organizations, he helps them understand the dynamic of their system, find inefficiencies and discover better ways to deliver amazing products and services. He loves experimenting and applying agile concepts in marketing, sales, customer support, and hardware development. In 2010, Tomasz founded ProCognita, a Polish-based company, to help people build extraordinary organizations through Agile Coaching and training. He shares his thoughts and experiences through conferences, meetups, company blog, and podcast.