Erin A. Nickerson


Erin A. Nickerson
Consul General

Erin Nickerson has been the Consul General and Principal Officer at the U.S. Consulate General in Krakow, Poland since August 2022. She joined the Foreign Service in 2002. Erin previously served as a Senior Watch Officer in the Executive Secretariat’s Operations Center, as Deputy Economic Chief in Bangkok, Financial Economist in Rome, and as a political officer on the Interagency Provincial Reconstruction Team at Embassy Kabul.  She completed an interagency detail assignment as the Mission Economist to USAID Dhaka.  Erin also served in Washington as the Azerbaijan desk officer and at Embassies Tegucigalpa and Warsaw. In February and March 2022, Erin served as a coordinator for the State Department’s European Crisis Task Force in advance of and during Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Erin was a Distinguished Graduate from NDU's Eisenhower School with a Master of Science in National Security and Resource Strategy. Erin was the 2021 recipient of NDU's Society of Logistics Engineers Award and the 2011 recipient of the Secretary's Award for Innovation. Erin also holds degrees from the London School of Economics and the University of Colorado at Boulder. She speaks Polish, Spanish, and Italian. Erin is joined in Krakow by her husband and son.



The future of diplomacy

  1. Diplomacy and business have never been more interlinked
  2. Three examples of this strengthening interaction include:
    1. Data trade and data privacy
    2. Climate Change
    3. Artificial Intelligence
  3. It’s the job of governments and businesses to work together to create ethical and equitable standards for all these transnational challenges