Janina Bąk


Janina Bąk
A statistician, blogger and book author

Science influencer, activist, author of the JaninaDaily.com website and two books about statistics. The first one sold in over 120 000 copies in just one year. She can count, speak publicly and speak publicly about counting. She has delivered three TEDx talks – two about statistics and one about life with mental illness. The latter was the fourth most popular TEDx in the world in January 2023. She teaches people that you could and you should become friends with statistics.

She received the "Crown of Equality" award for LGBTQ activism, the "Influencer of the Year" award from the "Wprost" magazine, as well as was listed in the "100 most influential Poles" in the "Newsweek" magazine. She believes in science and in people.



Do statistics lie? On cognitive errors, thinking traps and common errors in reaching conclusions

Benjamin Disraeli once said that there are three kinds of lies in this world: lies, damn lies, and statistics. Wrongly said, because it’s not true - statistics don’t lie, but people lie about statistics. Not always on purpose. In this presentation I will talk about the most common cognitive biases and thinking traps that can cloud our judgment and lead us to the wrong conclusions. I will also present ways on how to avoid those common thinking errors.